A Tour of My Various French Teachers

They’ve ranged from wonderful to absentee, rude to overly touchy. Somehow I finished level A2.3 with their help, meaning I can order at a restaurant in French, and not much else.

Anyone Else Nervous About Paris Reopening Or Are You Normal?

To say I’m nervous about Paris’s partial reopening/un-confining tomorrow May 19, is an oversimplification. I’m extremely excited, pumped, relieved, excited again. I really want to be able to buy some objects in person, look at some arts, or sit at a table when I grab lunch with friends instead of on the ground at a park. But, I’m also nervous.

The New Yorker Made Me Eat French Tacos

The classic French taco from O Tacos

The word “taco” in the name kind of leads one to believe that the tacos are tacos but they’re not tacos. If they were, they would be an abomination. But thanks to a very popular article in the New Yorker, I’ve since had to change my stance, eat my words, and eat a damn French Taco.