Be Our Guest: The Spectacle of Checking Into A French Airbnb

Hear me out: French Airbnb hosts sometimes come across like desperate animated candlesticks. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just different.

The Year That Wasn’t

If it isn’t written down, analyzed, and delivered with a lovely little narrative bow on it, full metaphors and all, did it actually happen? I’ve given up journals before during hard times in an attempt to reject reality, a tactic that both works and doesn’t. On the one hand, there is no written history and reflection to cure the cement of what I decided “was” in that time. On the other, without busily scribbling my little thoughts about events, finding their meaning, inventing meaning often, neatly fitting them into the larger story I have in my head for my life, then I’m left to just live in the moment. No more mining my day for content, or feeling that I’ve got nothing to show for it if I live without documenting.

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